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2 female jobseekers rescued from human body parts dealers in Port-Harcourt (photos)


Two women have been rescued after they were kidnapped by body parts dealers when they went to Port Harcourt in search of jobs.

The women were kidnapped during the week by two men in a bus and taken to a forest. While there, they had to watch others whose families couldn’t pay ransom get killed.

The women, named Blessing and Praise, were stripped after they arrived in the forest and a naked photo of them was taken and sent to their family members from the forest, with the threat that they will be killed if they do not pay the ransom of 5 million Naira.

They were slated to be killed yesterday, May 28. In desperation, the nude photo was shared on Twitter and the state governor and the police were tagged as Nigerians begged them for help in rescuing the girls

Thankfully, the women, who are from Delta state, have now been rescued.

Israel Joe, a Niger Delta activist, who raised awareness about the women’s abduction, said the kidnappers later took pity on the women and brought their ransom down to 200,000 Naira after negotiating

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