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5 must-have shoes for men and what to wear them with


A man might have different shoes but have no idea how and what to wear them in.

These are the five must-have shoes for men and how to style them.

Before you rush to buy Chelsea boots, look at your closet and see if you have the clothes to go with it.

Chelsea boots are midway between casual and formal. The tricky thing about Chelsea boots is the length of the trouser. You do not want it covering the entire boot. Always wear slim and fitted jeans that are ankle length or folded at the bottom

The monk strap was made for suits and suits were made for the monk strap. Pair it with coloured socks for a retro and fashionable look.

The loafers

This is midway between casual and corporate. It is for days when you do not want to wear a necktie or socks. It is also perfectly paired with agbada or native attires.

If you wear suits a lot, then you must have an oxford in your shoe rack. It is distinguished and makes the wearer look dashing. They also go with agbadas.

This is not as athletic as other types of sneakers. It goes with virtually every outfit. Shorts, chinos, suits and so on.

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