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Artistes should learn to monetise content – Lpee


A South African-based Nigerian filmmaker and singer, Jeffrey Fidelis, popularly known as LPEE, has advised artistes to monetise their contents in order to avoid being exploited.

The singer, who recently released a five-track Extended Play album titled, ‘Jungle Life’, told Sunday Scoop, “The Nigerian music industry is being appreciated and celebrated globally but there is a gap in terms of business and management.

“There are many Nigerian artistes who don’t know how to monetise their content. Though that also happens in South Africa, one cannot compare the ratio.

“Artistes need to learn how to monetise their content. Many artistes just rush into releasing songs. In the process, they get exploited by different platforms. However, a musician should be able to make money digitally, no matter how little it is. I have been to office of the Performing Act Management in South Africa and they are doing a lot to make sure their artistes get paid for their contents.”

On why he did not feature any popular artistes on his EP, Lpee said, “I don’t believe that I need to add popular names to my EP to express my creativity. But, that does not mean I am against collaborations. It has just not happened but it is something I would consider in future.”

Lpee, who is also the Chief Executive Officer of Jungle Hustle Music, noted that he was usually inspired by his environment. He said, ““I am highly motivated by all that go on in my environment. There is so much going on but despite all, there is still so much to achieve. I recorded the EP between January and March.”

Fidelis, who is managed by the Bail Music Company, also stated that he was gearing up to release an album tentatively titled, Solomon.

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