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BEST SEO TOOLS|Whats The Best Seo Tool


There are literally hundreds of SEO tools on the web right now. Some of them are paid. Most of them are free. Keyword research is the first and foremost step in gaining any significant amount of traffic or starting an SEO project.

No matter what niche or business your website has as a whole, it is important that we know what keywords we should target and it starts with keyword research.

We can’t just go blind. If we run the risk of trying to grade for keywords that have no explored.

No matter what niche or business your website has as a whole, it is important that we know what keywords we should target and it starts with keyword research. We can’t just go blind. If we run the risk of trying to grade for access that has no search.

So it is common knowledge that people have been using the Google AdWords keyword tool for keyword research for a long time. And it works but Google doesn’t give you the full picture and the beauty with SEO is that you can always get the perfect picture.

What kind of features does it provide?

Any great SEO tool has a great quality that contains every SEO feature you need. Whether it’s keyword research, backlink analysis, competitive research – you shouldn’t rely on too many tools because you should only choose one tool that offers them all.

This is where an SEO toolkit like SEMrush works.

It is a hugely popular SEO tool that is worn by over 3 million people globally.

SEMrush is the only SEO tool we’ve been using in Blogger Passion for over 3 years now.

We are extremely happy with the results. Not only does it help you find profitable keywords but it also helps you do website audits, competitive research, and more?

If you’re queer about what you can do with this stunning tool, here’s a tally of a few of the great SEO mission you can accomplish with it.

  • Content concept
  • Rank tracking
  • Keyword analysis
  • Technical SEO
  • Link analysis
  • Advertisements
  • Social media
  • Brand monitoring
  • Competitive research
  • And there’s so much more on the list

If you research it, you can easily find your competitors’ organic search locations with their keyword data. All in all, SEMrush is definitely one of the best-paid SEO tools that pay you every penny.

That existence said if you are searching for another option, here are a few tools you can try.
Moz: Moz has been developed by SEO experts like Rank Fishkin and is used by multiple SEO experts worldwide for keyword research, website ranking, and backlink research. It also provides widely used domain metrics such as DA, PA, etc. to analyze the popularity of any domain in the world.Ahrefs: One of the best alternatives to SEMrush as Ahrefs is one of the most popular SEO tools that is mainly used for link analysis and keyword research

Buzzsumo: Buzzsumo is one of the best content marketing tools for content research, effective promotion, and creation of amazing content. Definitely effective for all content creators.

What WordPress Theme Is That?:

It assists you to find the exact method that a website uses, for a sample, you need to notice about a web anything which method utilize this web, so you can obtain the method name and all the feature.

Ubersuggest: On the condition that you are looking for an untied tool and it assists you with each thing from keyword research to theme analysis, this is an amazing SEO tool.

Developers. Google:

It’s Google’s official tool and it works like the GTimetrics website; It tells us about the speed of our website, the score of opening a website on a computer and mobile phone, you can check if your site is mobile-friendly from here.

Website Speed and Performance Optimization:

One of my favorite tools for checking website speed, it’s a 100% free tool, just type in the URL of any site and check the speed of the site and this site also tells you how to increase the speed of the website you post.

LSIgraph. com:

LSI is for latent semantic indexing, which means you need to find long terms related to your keywords, LSI keywords are great for ranking and Google likes it. LSIgraph. applying less, you can appear more long-tail LSI keywords for your object and make SEO optimized object.


This site helps us to provide accurate reports about our website’s total traffic, traffic sources, and many other important issues. This is an amazing aid for people who want to take the latest blog or look into their contestant’s website.

Choose intelligently that assist your niche superbly.


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