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I don’t respond to a lot of things because there’s power in silence — Actress Toyin Abraham


Popular Nollywood Actress, Toyin Abraham has taken to her social media page to write about the power of wholesome silence, when it comes to resolving issues.

According to the mother-of-one, she does not respond to a lot of things because she believes they are better ignored than engaged.

Her post reads ;

A lot of times, we don’t talk about how powerful and wholesome silence can be and I think that’s because the society has made us believe that having the last word is a kind of winning.

See, most times, I do not respond to a lot of things not because I do not see them, but because I believe they are better ignored than engaged. Honestly, my darlings, it is not everything that screams at us that deserves our responses. Knowing when to ignore a thing is also as important as knowing when to speak up. Don’t give people the power to bait you into expected reaction. Do not give them power to control your reaction. That right is yours, protect it.
Be intentional about choosing what it is that you make your business and give your energy to! Learn to ignore, especially when you are most tempted to respond. As Yorùbás would say, “àìní àmójúkúrò, ló ń jẹ́ kí ẹrù u wèrè é pọ̀.

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