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Email Marketing – How To Get Started Email Marketing Strategy | Mail Market


Do you want to generate more revenue for your business and drive more traffic to your business? And you don’t exactly know the right medium to use. Also, do you as well know that aside from the traditional way of advertising your business which includes the use of Print Media and Tv? You can also advertise your business with Email Marketing. However, Email marketing offers users the best Mailing service and successful features in your email marketing campaign services. Which involves, the process of sending commercial messages via email. To your email subscribers, who have given express permission to receive such messages or mails from you. In simple terms, it involves using your email to advertise and build your brand loyalty.

Furthermore, Mail Marketing is very fast and flexible. Also, it is a cost-effective way to reach more customers and also retain all your existing customers. The main objective of the email market is to promote your business or brand awareness and also build a good relationship with all your current and existing customers. Another form of email market is Drip marketing, which is also known as the Drip campaign. It allows you to send, a pre-written set of messages to customers or prospects overtimes.

Types of Email Marketing

In this part of the article, we will be looking at mainly two types of mail marketing. Below, are the two types of email marketing we will be examining:

  • Transactional Emails; This type of email marketing is based on a customer’s action with a company. And, to be qualified in the transactional email, your communication must be to facilitate, complete, and confirm a commercial transaction. That your subscriber has agreed to enter with you the sender. In simple terms, it means to provide the service or product as requested by your customers. Note; you don’t need the consent of your customers to send a transactional email.
  • Direct Email; This type of email marketing involves sending promotional messages to a list of customers or prospect email addresses. These emails most times, often include messages that offer new products to your customers or promotion that your company is running.

However, aside from the above-listed types of email marketing. You can search online for other, types of email marketing that might pique your interest.

Benefits of Email Marketing

The benefits of using Email Marketing for your business are so many. Email marketing is used by many businesses across the world. If you haven’t started using free email market for your business. Here are some of the reasons, why I think you should try it out.:

  • Email marketing helps you to reach a global audience: with this marketing strategy, you can reach potential customers for your business within and across the globe with ease.
  • The medium of marketing is cost-effective: one of the benefits of using email marketing for your business is its low cost. Unlike other marketing channels, that require you to pay a huge amount of money this strategy doesn’t. For instance, using the Email Blast, allows you to send a single email message to a large email list which helps to save your money.
  • It helps you to Generate Revenue: Using drip marketing for your business, will help you to promote your business sales by providing you with jobs in line with the service you offer. Thereby, you will be able to generate more revenue for the growth of your brands.
  • Email marketing is easy to measure:  this is another key benefit of using the free email market. You will be able to know when you’re going wrong. Also, you can track open, click through and also spot how to improve your campaign.
  • Easy to share: People who have subscribed to your email list, can easily forward deals and offer to their friends and family at the click of a button. With this, your brand awareness will grow and your business will be introduced to a new market.

Also, Email marketing is easy to start. It doesn’t require you to get a huge team to get started. You can easily set up your email campaign with nice templates, Videos, logos, and images. However, you can also use the following most searched emailmarketing platform which gets response affiliates, HubSpot and Aweber. These email market platforms have various pricing.

How to Start Email Marketing

So far you will agree with me that the email market offers you a wide range of services. Which is important for running and promoting your business. However, here are the process to start your free email marketing;

  • Select an Email marketing service Provider
  • Gather Contacts for your Email Marketing List’
  • Then, add all your contacts to your email market account
  • Set up your Welcome Email
  • Create a nice email template
  • Learn to write Persuasive Messages
  • Also, Spend time on your subject line
  • Preview and test before you send
  • Send your email at the best time

Finally, track your result. This is the most important aspect of mail marketing. If you want to see the real results, spend your time checking your email report. Following the above steps, you will successfully be able to start your own email marketing.

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