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“My Mother Celebrated Her Birthday In The Prison Because Of Ned Nwoko” – Young Nigerian Lady Cries Out


A young Nigerian lady has visited her social media page to accuse Billionaire Businessman, Prince Ned Nwoko, of illegally detaining her family members.

According to the lady identified as IFEJOKU UZOR PAMELA, her mother was forced to celebrate her birthday in prison because of Ned Nwoko.

She also shared a link to a story that gave a detailed explanation of the saga.

Read below ;

If You Don’t Know By Now.
Please be patient. Read to the end.
IDUMUJE-UGBOKO is an agrarian town in ANIOCHA NORTH LGA of Delta State – Nigeria. The King (traditionally known to indigenes as OBI) is the paramount ruler with administrative structure, supported by Chiefs and the town union’s Union, IDUMUJE-UGBOKO DEVELOPMENT UNION WORLDWIDE, widely abbreviated as IUDU. The union is administratively led by an elected PRESIDENT GENERAL. The current elected President general of The Idumuje Ugboko Development Union is OKEY IFEJOKU. The union’s primary responsibility includes but not limited to; oversee the general development of our homeland, Idumuje Ugboko, and assist in the structured administration of Idumuje-Ugboko.
I was elected the president-general in the year 2016 at the Easter general IUDU Annual conference. During that conference, a section of the community “OWU PEOPLE ” peacefully protested that CHINEDU CELESTINE NWOKO NWA UDENWWAMAKA, AKA NED NWOKO had invaded their farmlands, destroyed their crops and the fruits of their lifetime labor. They carried various agro-economic crops such as cassava, yams, cocoa yams, melons, palm trees, yams, ogbono. This farm produces was massively destroyed by the invader NED NWOKO!. The OWU PEOPLE appealed for assistance and intervention from IUDU. Thus, the NEC of IUDU called for a stakeholders meeting inviting all parties to resolve the issue.
In that meeting, Ned Nwoko explained his vision of building a golf course in the community. He shared that the golf course would require 90 hectares of land and another 100 hectares for sports university, thence he invaded the farmlands. It might interest you to know that Ned Nwoko had previously been blessed with 33.4 hectares of land for dairy farms which never manifested. Instead, he built his personal estate in that land against the original purpose for which the late Obi blessed him with 33 hectares. That earned him a trust deficit in the community.
Many Ugboko indigenes questioned the viability of a golf course. But we supported his visions for a university. The then crowned Prince CHUKWUNONSO JUSTIN NWOKO ( now the KING OF IDUMUJE UGBOKO) was part of the meeting and asked what Ned did with the previous land given to him and if he considered the entire youths of Idumuje Ugboko before the huge request and also the availability of such land magnitude in Idumuje Ugboko.
Consequently, at the meeting, I appreciated Ned Nwoko for his developmental vision. However, I reminded him that development starts with the people and not with structures. I pleaded and encouraged Ned Nwoko to pay compensation to peasant farmers that he destroyed their crops and negotiate for outright purchase of respective lands. The community advised that he should commence his developmental strides in the previous 33.4 hectares allotted to him since the year 2000 with the promise that if he needed more, due process should be followed. I went further and promised him that I would donate my private estate to serve as the Vice Chancellor’s lodge.
Since that meeting, our community has not known peace. Ned Nwoko used his wealth to divide, rule, intimidate our elders and the young including Obi Chukwunonso. He brazenly employed the police to invade our town at odd hours and harass our people, arrest innocent young men. He used financial inducement by buying the Chiefs’ cars. Ned reached out to me through one Professor Oseghale congratulating me as his board member, fraudulently using my name in his university brochures’ statement without my consent. The next approach was asking me to bring forward my academic credentials to meet with His Excellency, Governor Okowa for a commissioner’s position. he specifically mentioned people like AGENDA bothering him, but we have come a long way back. After various attempts to coerce me into his land grabbing strategies, without success, he declared me a personal non grata.
Our late OBI ALBERT NWOKO the 3rd died February 2017 and the first son Obi Justin Oraeze Chukwunonso 1″ ascended the throne as our custom and tradition does not accept a vacuum: ”OBI AGU NA UKPO”
Ned Nwoko has and continues to intimidate, jail, harass HIS ROYAL HIGHNESS, OBI CHUKWUNONSO. The amiable king has not ruled our ancient proud Kingdom with peace since he was coronated. Ned Nwoko has been a torment to our land and our King. I led a team of respected goodwill people to appeal to Ned for support for the interest of our community, I sent the youth branch of our union to ask for his support as an elder, all to no avail.
He vowed before the youths that Obi Justin Oraeze will never enjoy the throne of his forefathers. Idumuje Ugboko has no king-making process because kings are born not made.
It’s worthy to note too that Idumuje has four quarters that make up the town. No quarter is at war with each other. Idumuje Ugboko is at peace with herself but Ned Chinedu celestine Nwoko, aka Ned Munir Nwoko, refuses to give us peace.
He vowed to puncture the ancestral traditional administrative structure and made our community ungovernable in the following ways:
Calling our king unprintable names, destroying and defaming the King’s character and our sacred traditional institution.
Instituted multiple ligations by sponsoring various individuals contesting the throne without legal success.

* Financially induced the chiefs: bought them cars to serve as agents for community destabilization.
* He polarized our community vigilante group that provides security and created his own gun tottering vigilantes.
* He has been struggling vehemently to destroy the town’s union (IUDU) creating his parallel union codename (UPA) meaning UGBOKO PROGRESSIVE ASSOCIATION.
* His sponsorship for my various arrests and detentions is just a ploy to destroy IUDU and leaving our king without any supporting strength. His divide and rule method is through financial inducement, making his juvenile supporters above the law and beyond police arrests, He subjects our community to constant daylight intimidation, harassment, ambush arrests by the corrupt jack-booted police, who arrest incessantly, detain us on trumped-up charges without proofs.
if it’s land, he has forcefully taken all community and individuals lands.
Idumuje Ugboko’s situation is like the proverbial saying of severely beating a child and ask the child not to cry.
Idumuje Ugboko has seen chronic oppression of the poor, the rich, and the violent perversion of justice in our land. Initially, we did not marvel at it thinking that high officials of DELTA STATE watched over high officials and higher officials are over them – but these hopes were all to no redemption. Idumuje Ugboko has written, protested to Delta State Government, Aniocha North local government, Delta state house of assembly, Aniocha north traditional council, etc, all to no avail.
It’s paramount to inform you that Ned Nwoko is absolutely alleging an assassination plot on Gabriel Ogbechie, the CEO of Rain Oil Ltd. An achiever, illustrious son of Idumuje Ugboko, and a great community developer per excellence because he helped to process me out of jail after privately visiting him at Abuja with an appeal to give Ugboko peace.
Our Prayers!
Good people of ANIOCHA NORTH LGA, DELTA STATE GOVERNMENT, and Nigerians, in general, should please come to Idumuje Ugboko’s rescue for life becomes Brutish without consequential laws.
I ask again – WHAT DOES NED WANT?

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