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Glo unveils new tariff


Telecommunications provider, Globacom, has unveiled a new prepaid tariff that allows subscribers to retain their phone numbers for one year even if they do not use the lines during the period.

The firm, in a statement on Wednesday, said with the plan, tagged, ‘Always On,’ customers would not need to worry about their lines getting suspended or disconnected even if they did not make calls or use data or SMS.

The statement partly read, “Always On is available to all existing and new prepaid Glo subscribers and is especially beneficial to customers who travel out of the country for long durations without access to the network or customers whose handsets got stolen or damaged but do not have immediate means of replacement. They can now be rest assured that their lines will not be disconnected due to inactivity.

“The customer can make and receive calls at any time during the 365 days so long as he or she has sufficient airtime balance in the account. There is no need to visit any Gloworld or to contact customer care for the line to be reactivated.”


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