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Hotmail Sign In – How to Access www.hotmail.com Login Account


Did you just created a Hotmail account and then you are finding it difficult to sign in? Don’t worry, in this article we would be enlightening you on how to sign in to your Hotmail account. Hotmail is an email account created by Microsoft. It is just like other email sites but Hotmail is owned by Microsoft as Gmail is owned by Google and others. However, don’t be surprised if you search out Hotmail and it comes as outlook as the name has been changed. So, therefore, you can now access Hotmail as outlook now. Hotmail sign-in is known as the authentication process that allows users to gain access in other to send, receive emails and media files.

Furthermore, with Microsoft Hotmail now known as Outlook, you can email family, friends, and loved ones from more than one accounts. However, this can only be accomplished if you have accessed the Hotmail sign-in. But the hot mail sign-in or log-in can not be accessed without the signup. So, therefore, to do anything on Hotmail which is now outlook, you have to first sign-up Hotmail account. Outlook has a mobile app whereby if you don’t want to sign-in on the website, you can do that on the mobile app after you must have downloaded it from your app store.

Hotmail Sign-in Process

The hot mail sign-in can however is searched out as MSN sign-in as it means the same thing. Although, the Msn Hotmail sign-in process is not time taking. Therefore, if you have created a Hotmail or Outlook account, you can then access the Hotmail or MSN sign-in. you can sign in using either the web or the mobile app. Here are some steps you can consider to access your Msn Hotmail sign in;

Hotmail Sign-in For Website Users

  • Using your preferred web browser
  • Visit the Hotmail sign in the website
  • You will however be redirected to the outlook or MSN sign-in page
  • Click on the sign-in link
  • Fill in your outlook email, phone number, or skype
  • Then click on the Next button
  • Then enter your account password.
  • After that, click on the sign-in button to proceed to your email.

For Mobile App Users

  • After you must have downloaded the app
  • Open the app
  • Click on the add account link
  • Then click on the continue link
  • Type your password and click on the sign-in button

Although, it takes almost the same process signing in on the website and also on the mobile app. The only difference is that you must download the app to sign-in in the app. But for the website, you don’t have to download anything to access the website. all you have to do is visit the website @ www.outlook.com to sign in to your Hotmail account.

Problems in Signing InAccount

You might encounter problems while trying to sign in to their Hotmail account maybe because it is your first time trying to sign in to your account. problems like forgetting your emails, forgetting your password, not typing your mail or password correctly. However, always note that your password is case-sensitive. In other words, if you are entering a lower-case letter where you need to enter an upper-case letter, you won’t be able to sign into your Hotmail account. Also, you must enter the correct email address to sign in. in addition, another problem you might encounter while trying to sign in is if you don’t have an account and then you are accessing the sign-in link, it won’t be possible because you don’t have a registered account to sign in.

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