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How to Find Tamilrockers New Link to Download Bollywood, Hindi and Movies


Tamilrockers movies Download – Like we all see from the name “tamilrockers” movie lovers who are a fan of Bollywood movies often search for tamilrockers new domain name to enable them to download Bollywood movies. Well, nothing to panic for because inside this article I will show you how to download tamilrockers movies using the new tamilrockers URL.

So before we begin I want to tell you this, tamilrockers is one of the biggest movie piracy websites out there today. Every content on these websites is a complete pirate work so you should know that in some certain countries movie piracy can get you a jail term.

I have a similar post in one of a colleague website where I further explained how to download quality mobile movies on FZmovies site and toxicwap website, you can check that out by clicking on the movie link here.

Regardless of that fact, this is for educational sake for those who have been asking for the new tamilrockers URL or domain name. So you can see it now and use it carefully to download any movie of our choice.

Don’t forget that tamilrockers URL keeps changing due to the forces shutting down the movie site but I will keep updating you guys with the new link to download tamilrockers movies successfully.

Tamilrockers Site

This is a site that specializes in uploading of pirated movies to their server so that users who don’t have the funds to get a movie ticket can simply go there and download for themselves.

It provides different categories of movies ranging from Tamil movies, Telugu, Malayalam, Hindi movies and so on and so forth. Downloading of Tamilrockers movies is something that can be done in several ways for instance if you are in a location where your government has restricted your access to access tamilrockers website, then you can make use of a VPN or proxy to access the tmailrockers website.

I have made a post concerning how to access a movie site using a third-party app like VPN app so you can check that out and learn how you can utilize it more to your own advantage. In the meantime let’s continue the work process of discovering the Tamilrockers new domain we can use to download movies

Below is the list of tamilrockers previous URL

Tamilrockers Movies URL


To access tamilrockers new movie URL, here is the link you are going to make use of to visit the new tamilrockers URL link https://tamilrockers.ws/

Tamilrockers New Domain

  • You can skip the above tamilrockers url and make use of this one below which is the current recommended tamilrockers new domain URL to access tamilrockers website.
  • Simply copy-paste the URL extension in your browser taskbar and hit enter to visit the movie website. You can as well make use of a VPN app if you encounter an error accessing the website here is a VPN app you can download to access tamilrockers movies website click here to get it from play store or you can read my guide here on how to get paid apps for free.
  • You can also follow this link to get my premium VPN app that works for both android and PC users.

How to Download Tamilrockers Movies

  • For you to download tamilrockers movies I will advise you to make use of a strong internet connection since tamilrockers only support torrent links.
  • I should say this as well Incase if you don’t know that torrent is torrent is a process of downloading heavy files by using multiple connections called seed links a given period of time.
  • And you can find popular torrent software like Utorrent, BitTorrent, qbittorent and utorrent still remains the most widely used platform for torrenting.
  • That’s a process of downloading torrent files using magnet links as you can see on the tamilrockers movie screenshot below.
  • So you can download the torrent app to your phone or pc here and start downloadin

Tamilrockers Website Tips when Downloading Latest Movies.

When making use of torrent files, be worry about the VPN app you are making use of since some IPs don’t support torrent download. The reason is that torrenting cause a heavy influx on a server due to the speed at which the download runs on. I know of popular VPN apps like CyberGhost and ExpressVpN which will tel you no torrenting on their server to avoiding being shut off.

You can get a couple of socks 5 proxy or proxifier from the market or hit the dark web market to get it at a couple of bucks.

This is it all on everything you can ask for concerning tamilrockers new domain, how to download tamilrockers movies and so on. Feel free to comment below if you have any question regarding this tutorial and don’t forget to click on the share and subscribe button thank you

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