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If a woman slaps you, don’t slap her back” – Reno Omokri to men


Former presidential aide and prolific writer, Reno Omokri has again issued out a piece of advice to men as regards overcoming violence between men and women.

Driving his point home, Reno Omokri told men that if peradventure they are caught up in an argument with a woman and the woman eventually slaps them, they should learn to control their temper by not retaliating.

According to Reno, this high level of self-controlshould be developed by men because whenever a man and a woman find themselves in a bruising encounter, a larger portion of the blame is pushed to the side of the man for laying his hands on the woman.

He wrote:

Even if a woman slaps you while arguing, don’t slap her back. Nobody remembers whether a woman slapped a man first. All they will hear is that a man has slapped a woman. What can her slap even do? But your slap can do much damage. To you. Not her!”

See the tweet below:

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