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If he’s not a good boyfriend, he won’t be a good husband – Man tells women


A man has taken to social media to assert that a man who cheats while in a relationship will most likely continue his adulterous way when he gets married.

He stated this in a bid to correct the believe by some ladies that their boyfriend would change and stop being unfaithful when they eventually tie the knot.

According to the man with Twitter handle @ItsTheReal_BizZ, a cheating boyfriend will turn out to be an adulterous husband and there’s no amount of wishful thinking or hope that will change that.
He termed it a SEE-SAW concept which simply means that what the woman sees in marriage is what she saw during courtship.

@ItsTheReal_BizZ then advised women to dump such a man and move on as he is not husband material.

In his words; ”A cheating boyfriend is an adulterous husband. A lying boyfriend is an untrustworthy husband. It’s called SEE-SAW.

What you SEE in MARRIAGE is what you SAW in the RELATIONSHIP. If he’s not a good boyfriend, he won’t be a good husband. Adjust Your Crown & Keep it Moving Boo”

See his post:

See how social media users reacted below..

@ItsengRakosa; Not always. Your statement is partial correct. Some men actually stop when they are married.

@l_nonunu; People marry for different reasons other’s don’t care as long as they married. Others don’t cheat and start when they married

@Quenty1; That’s true ….but you see some of the ladies , the point of SAW was blinded cause of money or something

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