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Have you been searching for you one the best movie streaming site on the internet? Then you need to check out Kanopy. What is Kanopy? Kanopy stands out to be one of the best online platforms that offer you access to streaming thousands of films for free.

However, to stream movies on the platform you need to log in with your public library card or university login. This is because Kanopy is in partnership with public libraries and universities, which brings you films and series that can be enjoyed on your TV, Mobile phone, Tablet, and online. This is also to say Kanopy comes with App which can be download on your mobile device or you can make use of the website.

Furthermore, Kanopy offers you amazing and inspiring documentaries, award-winning foreign films, critically acclaimed movies, and much more. Also, it has an extensive collection of films that you can access for free. This is because the public library or university covers all the associated costs and allows you to stream movies with no ads. Additionally, Kanopy offers all its users the latest movies which you can stream anytime and anywhere. You can browse all of your favorite movies and series on the Kanopy App or Via the Kanopy website. Meanwhile, for now, the platform can only be accessed by Professors and students in US universities.

Kanopy kids

Meanwhile, the Kanopy platform has a collection of movies and shows available for your kids. Your kids can watch enriching, educational, and entertaining kid films and tv series on the platform. However, the Kanopy kids are only available for public libraries only. With your Public Library, your kids have unlimited access to watching all the kids’ movies and show for free without stress. This feature of the site helps you as a parent to control what your children can and cannot watch.

Also, the feature helps to build your child’s intellect this is because its provides them with inspiring, fun, and educative movies and series for their age. Some of the Kanopi kids’ movie genres are Storytime, TV series, Quick Flicks, Classic Tales, Animals, and much more. Meanwhile, to access the Kanopi kid as a member of the public library, you need to sign in to your account and click on KIDS. Also, you can discontinue the Kanopi kid feature by selecting the EXIT KANOPY KIDS.

Device Compatible to Stream on Kanopy

Another amazing feature about the Kanopy platform is that it is compatible with all your device. You can stream all your favorite Kanopi movies and films on your computer, Mobile device using the Kanopy website. Also, you can stream movies by downloading the Kanopy app available for Roku, Android, firestick, etc. Lastly, you can watch movies on your television using your Apple TV, Chromecast, Fire TV Android tv, etc.

How to Stream Movie on Kanopy

Meanwhile, streaming movies on Kanopy requires you to log in to your Kanopy using your public library or university login. If you have any of these credentials you will gain access to streaming or watching movies from the Kanopy platform. Also, you won’t need to pay or subscribe because the platform is absolutely free to stream movies. Below are the steps and guidelines to start streaming movies on the website:

  • Open your device web browser
  • Visit the official website www.Kanopy.com
  • Click on the Get Started on the Homepage
  • You will then be redirected to the next page, click on either find your library card or your university login

After, that you will need to follow the rest of the on-screen instructions which will be displayed on your screen. Also, you can make use of the Kanopy App by downloading the App on your device and start streaming movies from the platform.



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