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Nigerian man gets Niklaus of Vampire Diaries to make special birthday video for his girlfriend (Watch)


A Nigerian man has done the unexpected for his girlfriend who appears to be a lover of Vampire Diaries star, Niklaus Mikaelson whose real name is Joseph Morgan.

The man was able to get Niklaus to make s special video for his girlfriend on her birthday.

In a video shared on Instagram, the Hollywood star wished the young lady a happy birthday.

The moment the lady sat in front of the TV and the video of Niklaus came on was indeed very priceless.

The lady screamed in joy when she saw her favourite actor. It was such a wonderful moment to watch.

In the clip, the actor wished her well, as he said he hoped good things come to her. He explained how he and her boyfriend had a chat before her birthday.

Watch video below:

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