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Nigerian man who stopped his wife from schooling and working, divorces her after 24 years of marriage to marry another woman


A lawyer and Aid worker from Borno state, Maryam Suleiman Jaji, has narrated how her aunt’s husband divorced her after 24 years of marriage because he wants to marry another woman.

Maryam, who revealed this via Twitter on Sunday, May 16, said the man had stopped her aunt from ”working, furthering her education and family planning.”

According to the lawyer, the man also abandoned their nine children with her aunt, who has no means of taking care of them.

“My aunt’s husband stopped her from school, family planning, working, everything. Now he has divorced her after 24 years of marriage with 9 kids because he is remarrying. Ya ce ya yafe kids din and he doesn’t have any income to feed them,” she said.

“She took the kids to him and said atleast he should feed them because she doesn’t have any means to. He said to them “nikam ku je ba na ce na sallame ku harda mamar taku ba?””

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