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Shopify – How To Setup and Open Your Online Store On www.shopify.com


What exactly does Shopify do OR How do I get started with Shopify.com? on the contrary, Shopify is an online shopping store where you can sell online with their own e-commerce website. However, Shopify is more like a partner’s website that helps in promoting and advertising your goods and services to people for seals. Therefore, this also has some amazing features, automated marketing strategies, and also free educational materials that help you promote your stock price. Well fortunate for you, we’re going to share about what Shopify is, the pros and cons of using the Sh0pify website, and also what it offers.

What is Shopify? As we all know that Bloggers make use of WordPress. Therefore, Shopify is used by Store Owners. Also, Shopify Is an eCommerce website that allows users to build their market store both online and offline. It’s a means of selling your product to people both online or offline with your own website with the help of Shopify POS. Moreover, to start using the Shopify.com website is quite easy only if you follow the information given. Hence, in other to get started with the Shopify store there are some pricing plans you need.

What Does Shopify Online Website Do?

Making use of the Shopify website, it helps to runs advert on an eCommerce business. Meanwhile, it’s is expected for users to create a Storefront, showcase your product, engage with customers, accept payment, etc. note that Sh0pify offers users great tools needed to manage each of your activities. The online website is among the best and also easy for selling products over the web.

Besides, we have Shopify Plus. Which is an e-commerce site meant for larger businesses of businesses looking for scale. Meanwhile, it’s offers updated features, higher priority customers support, straight to hold a higher volume of orders. Also, Shopify Lite is an affordable plan that allows users to sell their products on an existing website.

What Can you Sell on Shopify?

With the Sh0pify website, you will find the latest new updates about trending products for you to sell. Besides, its platform enables you to sell any items like fashions to beauty and also a home garden. Here are some tips of product to sell on the site;

  • Clothing
  • Jewelry
  • Home Accessories
  • Travel Products
  • Baby products
  • Bags & Luggage’s
  • Fitness Accessories
  • Beauty Products
  • Kitchenware
  • Pet Product
  • Automotive Accessories, etc.

With this listed you would be able to know what to sell on Sh0pify account. Besides, the website give you better features and attractive themes to sell your products. Hence, Sh0pify theme is begin classify depending to your store types.

How to Sign Up for Shopify Account

Nevertheless, Sh0pify makes its platform more interesting for users. In which they allow users to Sign up for an account for a free 14 days trial to test its services out. Meanwhile, with your free trials, you can build your own online store to run the free Sh0pify App. Therefore, here are steps on how to Sign up for a free account;

  • Kindly visit the https://www.shopify.com.ng/ on your default web browser.
  • Then, you will be taken to their official Shopify com website.
  • Locate the “Start Free Trial” at the right top of the page and click on it.
  • Now, fill in with your correct Email Address and Password. Also, Input the name of your Store and click “Create your Store”.

Finally, you will be referred to the final steps which you will be asked some vital question about your Store. In conclusion, after your 14 days of free trials, you will be asked to choose pricing plans which start with $9 a month if you were to use the Lite Plan. While $29 for Shopify Basic Plans. The basic plans are mostly run by people who have been running a business for quite some time.

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