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Women that ask about men’s income before marriage are not necessarily gold diggers” – Reno Omokri


Notable author, Reno Omokri corrects a common belief that has to do with women enquiring about the income of their prospective lovers before marriage.

According to Reno, the popular belief that women who enquire about their partner’s finances are gold diggers is a fallacy that needs to end.

Justifying his claim, the human rights activist noted that most divorces have to do with lack of money, which makes it right for women to ask questions before diving into marriage.

Taking to Twitter, he wrote;

Dear men,
If you ask a girl to marry you and she enquired about your income, she is not necessarily a gold digger. A wise woman must know the income of her proposed husband because it affects the outcome of the marriage. Most divorces are caused by lack of money.”

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