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World’s first electric car for wheelchair users (Photos)


A specially designed automobile for wheelchair users has stirred up reactions social media reactions with many lauding the innovation.

In an innovative and competitive market, the Kenguru manages to stand apart from other EVs. It’s not the fastest electric car, nor does it have the longest range, but it does have one notable claim to fame. It’s the world’s first EV made specifically for wheelchair users.

According to Mad over Marketing (M.O.M) on LinkedIn, the yellow-coloured innovation, is fashioned in a manner that enables persons confined to wheelchairs to gain entry through the rear door.

The innovation is the first of such nature as other electric cars usually present difficulty to the physically-challenged users at the point of getting into the car.

The Kenguru has just one door, which takes up the entire back panel of the vehicle. At the click of a button, the rear panel lifts, and a ramp automatically extends. When drivers turn on the ignition, the ramp retracts, and the door closes.

Instead of a traditional steering wheel and pedals, the Kenguru has handlebars, similar to a motorcycle. These controls have buttons that let drivers accelerate and brake without using their feet. There’s also a wheelchair-locking mechanism that won’t let the car turn on until the driver’s wheelchair is securely in place.

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