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Young man narrates how a beggar angrily rejected his 5 naira


A Nigerian man has taken to social media to reveal how a beggar he gave some money turned down his financial assistance.

According to the guy known as Gideon, he was coming out of a mall when he decided to give 5 naira to a beggar positioned outside but his money was rejected in the most unexpected way.

He said that not only was the 5 naira turned down, the beggar told him to get out of his sight.
Gideon shared the story in response to a question about if anything can still be bought with N5 in Nigeria.
I gave a begger ₦5 yesterday while coming from out from a mall…….the begger politely told me that I should get out from his from his front!!!!!!!!!!!” he wrote.

When a Twitter user probed to know if he was serious, the young man replied;

No be joke bro.

And it was even two ₦5….making ₦10, but the fact that I presented ₦5 to him must have pissed him off”

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