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Youths give thief food and drink for strength, make him clean community drainage


Youths of a community in Nigeria caused quite a stir on social media following what they did to a man who stole from them.

The undisclosed community, according to @El__abdool on Twitter, gave the thief a nice meal and chilled drinks and went on to make him clean their drainages.

The elders of the locality then sat the man down and cautioned him against a repeat of such criminality. @El__abdool shared an image of the man as he cleared the drainages.

The incident came to many on social media as huge shock as it negates the ugly trend of jungle justice people mete to suspected criminals when they are caught.

@dah_cool_king said: “They shoulda just handed him over to the police after .. Elders talking to him won’t change sh*it 90% of the time. U don’t think he’s got elders in his family who sat him down and gave him lectures ?”

@lucas4dominion: “Still jungle justice. Whether he was beaten, killed or sent on community service by the public, it’s still jungle justice

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